Arexons 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Lubricant 400ml

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Multi-Purpose Lubricants


A PRODUCT, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL Multipurpose product for home and garden maintenance, for DIY, for hobbies such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boating, sports in general, but also for industrial and mechanical maintenance and for craftsmen.

ANTICORROSIVE Protects flat metal surfaces, mechanisms and gears, inhibiting and slowing oxidation and corrosion processes, maintaining their efficiency and extending their useful life.

WATER REPELLENT Protects surfaces from humidity and water, avoiding the accumulation of salts and scale deposits which could block mechanisms and sliding parts. Protects against moisture and leaching of both indoor and outdoor electrical and electronic circuits.

DETERGENT Effectively cleans metal surfaces, removing dust, deposits, rust, resins, adhesives. Cleans and polishes chrome-plated surfaces. Safe on aluminium and painted parts (to be sure, check the resistance of the paint on a hidden part).

RE-ACTIVATING Re-establishes electrical conductivity, eliminating current leakage. Does not break contacts, does not create arcs and dissolves oxides, oils, grease, deposits, tar and combustion residues. Its dielectric characteristic restores contacts to their initial efficiency and protects them during operation.

LUBRICANT Effectively and durably lubricates all mechanisms, protecting them from wear and degradation due to friction. Keeps movements fluid and efficient. Eliminates squeaks, does not generate deposits and does not damage rubber seals.

RELEASER Rapidly releases with little effort any blocked mechanism or bolt, thanks to its penetrating power and exclusive additives. Penetrates in depth into blocked mechanisms, rapidly disintegrating rust and debris.

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