Arexons Pure Climate A/C Cleaner 350ml

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In stock

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AC Cleaner
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A cleaning and purifying treatment for air conditioning ventilation ducts.

Puriclima neutralises all organic and inorganic deposits, purifies surfaces and protects them with a special film.

It removes unpleasant odours and optimises the operation of air conditioning systems, thereby prolonging their useful life.

How to Use

1. Turn off the engine and fan.

2. Straighten the probe provided and insert it fully down to into one of the air vents placed on the dashboard.

3. Spray and simultaneously pull out the probe.

4. Repeat with the other vents.

5. If feasible, disassemble the pollen filter and spray the treatment into the external air vent.

6. Wait about 20 minutes. Open all the windows, start the engine and operate the climate control system with the fan on maximum level and the temperature on “hot” for at least 10 minutes.

Additional information

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