GS27 Head Light Correction Kit Manual

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Headlight Restoration


Over time, headlamps can fall into disrepair and become dull. It leads to a reduction of light intensity. If you do nothing about it, your headlamps may become completely opaque. It is dangerous and your car might be denied its technical test acceptance.

Thanks to the GS27 Technics Headlight Correction Kit, you will be able to do the repair yourself.

Very easy to use, you won’t need any tools: all the accessories are included in the kit.

Without any dismantling needed, and in 2 easy steps, your headlamps will be transparent and shiny again.

Application: for slightly yellowed and tarnished headlights.

For very tarnished or opaque headlights, choose the GS27® Technics Headlamp Restoration Kit, with machine use.

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