GS27 Instant Wash & Wax 500ML

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In stock

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Paint Protection
Wash & Wax


The GS27® Moto Instant Wash & Wax cleans, protects and polishes the whole motorcycle in one, without using water: – Practical: can be used on all surfaces (windshields, wheels, chrome, leather etc.). – Easy: sprays directly onto the area to be cleaned. – Quick: cleans and shines your bike in record time. – Long-lasting effect: leaves a protective film for long-lasting shine.


Can be used on all the motorbike: windshields, mudguard, rear-view mirror, frame, wheels, chromes, aluminium, leather etc. For security reasons, do not use on tyre and brake discs.

Technical tips:

For a very dirty bike or engine, first use the GS27® Moto Wash.

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