McKee’s 37 Daily Driver Leather Care Kit

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So you want to keep the leather interior in your vehicle clean and protected, but you want something that actually lasts more than a month or two. I get it – believe me! Most of us with a daily driver are looking for a simple, effective means of cleaning and protecting our expensive leather interior while investing as little time as possible. That’s where the Daily Driver Leather Care Kit really shines. I developed this kit as a “set it and forget,” twice-a-year solution to keep the single most expensive option in most new vehicles today, leather upholstery, well-protected for the life of the vehicle. The secret weapon in this kit is SiO2 Leather Guard.

McKee’s 37 Leather Guard is ideal for the daily driver because it provides far better protection than a traditional leather conditioner or protectant. It’s going to resist abrasion caused by the dog; dye transfer from wet blue jeans (don’t ask) won’t stand a chance; accidental spills are easily cleaned without pulling out your hair.

The McKee’s 37 Daily Driver Leather Care Kit includes:

22 oz. McKee’s 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30
8 oz. McKee’s 37 SiO2 Leather Guard
22 oz. McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer
Premium Detail Brush
3 x Premium Microfiber Towels
3 x Poly Foam Applicators

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 7.0 × 24.0 × 25.0 cm


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