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Complete fuel system cleaner is the most advanced STP fuel additive available for petrol engines.

It is designed to eliminate tough starts and engine run-on, stops knocking and pinking, reduces the octane requirement of the vehicle, reduces hesitation within the engine and also reduces exhaust emissions.

One treatment will also help restore the vehicles fuel system to optimum operating condition by removing power-robbing deposits from the entire system, including fuel injectors, carburettors, intake valves, combustion chambers, valve guides and ports, cylinder heads and piston tops. Safe for use with catalytic converters and turbos. Use every 4,000 kilometres for peak engine performance.

STP stands for scientifically treated petroleum. Formed in 1954 in the united states the company has a strong history with motor racing that has allowed it to demonstrate the high quality nature of its products.

STP complete fuel system cleaner for petrol engines, restores lost horsepower whilst reducing exhaust emissions, cleans and conditions the entire fuel system, stops knocking and pinking.

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